How to Keep Your Guests Posted on Your Wedding Transport Schedule

Organising wedding guest transports is a great way to keep the whole event running smoothly and make life easier for your guests too. Of course, providing shuttle buses only helps if your guests get on them at the right time. Organising a schedule can take some time, given that you need to factor in guest dawdling, traffic and mealtimes. But once you do have a timetable in place, you'll need to remember to keep guests well informed of it so they don't miss their bus. Here are three simple ways to let everyone know the schedule.

Post It on Your Wedding Website

These days, having a website for your wedding is all the rage. If you make one yourself using one of the simple drag-and-drop build interfaces online, you can even make your own at virtually no cost. Wedding websites are usually used to give guests all the details they need to know about the big day, from the date and location to your wedding registry list. That's why it's such a great place to post your shuttle bus schedule. Most of your guests will have a smartphone on them throughout the day, so as long as your website is mobile-friendly, it will be the easiest way to check the timetable.

Print an Informational Booklet

Is a wedding website a bit more high-tech than you fancy? If so, you can always go with a trusty printed schedule. Why not put it together in an informational booklet with all the other must-know information about the day? Get the booklets designed and produced by your local print shop, then add one to each guest's welcome bag, leave one on each seat, or hand them out at the door. Just remember to double-check your timetable before printing, as you won't be able to easily correct errors once your booklets have been made.

Put Signs Up at the Venue

If you're running late-night shuttles to take guests back to their accommodation or drop them off at more central locations, another great tip is to put a sign up at the entrance of the venue. This way, anyone can keep themselves posted on how long they'll be waiting for a bus. List the specific departure times if you have enough space; if you don't, just let guests know how often buses depart (for example, every 30 minutes from 9:30PM). You can also put signs up in other locations, like the bar, for example) just so no one loses track of time.

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