Pallet Distribution: Four Essential Guidelines for Effective Loading and Handling

If you are planning on using pallets to ship your goods, you must be cautious when handling the units. In general, wooden pallets are durable and built to support a lot of weight. However, they are not resistant to damage. If they are not handled with care, there will be significant damage to the units, limiting their use. Consequently, you will need more pallets, increasing your transportation costs. Here are simple tips to keep in mind for effective pallet loading and handling.

Inspect the Pallet

It is advisable to inspect your pallets before placing your loads on them. This process will protect you from placing your cargo on a faulty unit. Damaged pallets will not support your loads effectively and might cause an accident. Therefore, you should check the structural integrity of the pallet. Look for loose boards and missing connectors. If there are anomalies, consider conducting repairs or replacing the damaged units.

Load the Goods Properly

You should load your goods in a manner that promotes cargo stability. Improper loading will limit the integrity of your loads. In general, it is important to place the heavier and bulkier items on the wooden unit first. This will keep the load's centre of gravity low, ensuring stability. Place the lighter and smaller items on top before wrapping the unit. You should also ensure that your load fits perfectly on the pallet. Avoid loading with some goods hanging on the sides.

Choose Your Equipment

Loaded wooden pallets can be difficult to handle without proper equipment. Moreover, dragging the unts on the floor will cause extensive damage. Therefore, you should ensure that there is a machine like a forklift on site for moving the unitised cargo. When using lifting equipment, you must ensure that the pallet weight does not exceed the weight capacity indicated by the manufacturer. Also, lift the pallet evenly and with care to avoid dropping or upsetting the load. For the best results, the equipment should only be handled by an experienced operator.

Stack with Proper Care

Finally, you should plan on stacking your loaded pallets for easy freight management. Stacking is a simple concept. However, if it is not done correctly, some parts of the pallets might experience undue pressure. This could lead to pallet damage. Therefore, when stacking these units, you must ensure that the pattern is even and stable. Line up the corners and keep all pallets squared and centred. This will protect your loads and keep your pallets from falling over. 

For more information, contact a company that offers pallet distribution services.

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