How To Prepare Your Items For Refrigerated Transport

Many industries utilise refrigerated transport on a daily basis. However, what you might not realise is that there are specific ways you should be preparing your items for the aforementioned refrigerated transport. Doing this prep can cut down on loading times, reduce waste in transport and also keep your products looking and tasting better. Some of these preparatory measures can take quite a bit of effort, but some are simple and require only a couple of minutes of attention and make a big difference. 

Produce Packaging

This mainly applies to fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers (which make up a lot of the customers of the refrigerated transport industry), but specialised produce packaging is so key that it cannot be stated enough. Many family-owned businesses still use methods of transport from 20-30 years ago, which consisted mainly of pallet loading and large bins. However, in today's more individualised landscape, there are many options for product packaging that help keep the structural integrity of the fruit and vegetables much better. You can order these in bulk and keep them in your warehouse or sorting area, and when the time comes for transport, it takes only a little longer than the old ways. These special trays, wax-coated boxes and leakproof bins can revolutionise your transportation, and you should at least try it once. 

Reduce Your Loads

It can be tempting to try and load up each refrigerated transport vehicle to the bursting point so you make the most out of your pick-ups, but this can actually be detrimental to your overall bottom line. When items are so tightly packed, they can crush each other much more easily, and your wastage percentage will go through the roof. In addition to that, it can be much harder to stack and store your items in the transports if you are trying to fill it to the brim which can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, simply order more pick-ups and spread your load out. This will ensure all your items have a safer trip and will provide a better end product for your customers as well. 

Call In A Consultant

It is easy to assume the way you pack your items is the best and only way to do it because that is how you have always done it. However, a good business owner recognises when they are not an expert in an area and calls in the calvary to back them up. In this case, someone with knowledge in the area of logistics and supply chains could be a great service to you in relation to streamlining and possibly updating some techniques that might be out of date. If you have never had someone take a look at your packaging and transportation techniques, then definitely try it at least once. 

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