Coach Hire Tips

Are you planning a group tour? Well, coach charter is an affordable and convenient means of transport. Read this blog post for a few coach charter tips.

Choosing a Bus

Other than the sitting capacity, you need to decide what type of coach you need. Luxury coaches are ideal for long-distance transport. They come with LCD screens, reclining seats, a powerful music system, charging ports and a washroom. Entertainer coaches are perfect for people who would want to travel in complete luxury. They have kitchens, beds, bathrooms and Wi-Fi connections. However, they carry fewer passengers compared to the standard luxury coach. Other considerations to make when hiring the coach include:

  1. The bus should be in excellent condition. Check the service and maintenance records to ascertain that it will not break down as you travel.
  2. The interior must be clean. Check the available luggage space if the group has a lot of baggage.
  3. The coach should have a comprehensive insurance cover. It guarantees compensation in case of an accident.
  4. Check the safety features on the coach. For instance, each seat should have a seat belt. The bus should also have a fire extinguisher, first-aid box and emergency exit.
  5. Choose a disability-friendly coach if a member of the group has special needs.

Terms of Hire 

Check the company's terms of hire. For instance, does the company provide a competent driver to operate the bus? For long-distance trips, inquire if you will provide food and accommodation for the driver. Most companies will restrict dangerous activities such as bus surfing. Besides, you are not allowed to carry drugs or ammunition on the coach.

Although you can consume food and drinks on the bus, you must avoid littering. If you do, the company will charge a cleaning fee. Check what liabilities the company accepts. For instance, companies should provide alternative means of transport if the bus breaks down. 

Pricing Policy

Thoroughly examine the company's pricing policy. For wet rates, the company fuels the bus. You will fuel the bus if the company charges a dry rate. Inquire about extra and hidden charges. For example, you may have to pay more if you increase the number of stops. In addition, check the lateness and cleaning charges. Some companies might charge more during the weekend. 

Early bookings are a sure way to get discounts. For instance, most companies will charge less during the cold months. You could also secure discounts when you book through an agent.

Make your trip fun by carrying some board games. Remember to create a playlist of songs your friends can sing along to. Some movies would also come in handy. 

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