How to Plan Any Heavy Haulage Work Correctly

If a new commercial contract dictates that you have to move heavy items from one location to another that might be a long distance away, you need to work out how to do this most efficiently. You may understand that this is a job for experts and will need to outsource the work, but you'll also need to understand the logistics involved so that you can prepare accordingly and, crucially, set realistic goals. What do you need to bear in mind as you start to look at this project?

Load Restrictions

Much will depend on the nature of the load and whether or not it can be classified as dangerous or restricted. In this case, you will have to conform to rules and regulations laid down by the government and may need to get permission from transit authorities or police in the most restricted category. This will require a great deal more research, and you will need to work with a specialised transportation company to do so.

Detailed Specification

In every case, however, you will still need to detail the exact specification of the load and whether it requires any attention or maintenance during a trip. The transportation company will need to know if you have any specific requirements or whether they need to carry out a risk assessment analysis as they consider your solution.

Required Time

Don't underestimate the amount of time that it may take to move this load from one point of the other. It's easy to miscalculate the requirements, and you will need to work closely with the haulage company before you set any hard deadlines. Remember, drivers are required to take frequent breaks and document their rest periods. You'll also need to add some flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances. While it will be important to set out the ideal route, you may need an alternative plan in case of closure, unexpected construction or some other restriction.

Ideal Route

Remember, the most direct route between origin and destination may not be the best solution. Due to the size and scale of your load, the driver may have to take an alternative route to avoid low bridges or weight restrictions.


As you can see, advance planning is crucial, and you should keep in touch with the heavy haulage service at every stage. This will ensure that you are on the same page and can get the job done as efficiently as possible.

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