How To Choose A Refrigerated Transport Company

Do you need to transport perishable products? If you do, you probably require the services of a refrigerated transport company. Choosing a refrigerated transport company can be quite daunting. However, it should not be the case if you read the extract below. 

Company Experience

Conduct some due diligence to ascertain the company's experience in refrigerated transport. Check the company's specialisation. For instance, some companies will deal with transporting meats, while others specialise in the transportation of farm produce. It would also be wise to assess the qualifications of company staff. Ideally, they should have the technical skills and expertise required to deal with refrigerated transport challenges.    

Operating Routes

Inquire about the company's operating routes. It is especially so if you intend to transport the products to another state or country. Avoid companies that subcontract other service providers to transport your goods. It gives you less control over the transport process. Besides, it would be difficult to assign blame if some of the products spoil during transport. 

Refrigerated Transport Practices

Below are refrigerated transport best practices that the company should follow: 

The company should disinfect and clean the refrigerated truck to get rid of pests, dirt, and microorganisms that might contaminate your products.

The company should advise on product preparation before transportation. For instance, farm produce must be cleaned. On the other hand, meats should be well packaged.

The company should determine an appropriate temperature to transport your products. The reefer must have sufficient air circulation to ensure constant temperatures.

Consider companies that use telematics to monitor your items from the point of departure to when they arrive.

If you have a small shipment, the company should segregate your items in the reefer to prevent them from getting contaminated by other products or acquiring foul odours. Additionally, the reefer should have multi-temperature zones to ensure your products are shipped at the right temperature.  

Terms And Pricing 

Assess the company's terms and conditions. For instance, do they insure the products onboard from spoilage? Time is a crucial factor when transporting perishable items. Therefore, work with a company that guarantees your products will arrive on time. Additionally, inquire whether the company offers extra services such as cold storage. It ensures convenience since your clients can pick items from a centralised location. Remember to examine the company's pricing strategy. Compare the company's pricing with that of other companies to know whether the transport services are within the market rates. 

When choosing a refrigerated transport company, assess their experience, operating routes, refrigerated transport practices, terms and pricing. 

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